Red Squirrels Forum for South Scotland Annual Meeting 2019

The annual RSFSS meeting will take place on Saturday 26th October 10.00am till 4.00pm

This event is completely free thanks to sponsorship by SSRS and open to everyone interested in red squirrel conservation.

An excellent programme of talks and discussions, if you want to be brought right up to date on the science and practice of our campaign to save the red squirrel across South Scotland (and the North of England). This event has been planned by volunteers for volunteers, so please be assured that the content will not ‘go over your head’, and be prepared for very amusing videos of some pine marten antics!

There are limited places, so it is necessary to reserve a place via John Rae (Forum Chair, Car sharing would also be appreciated.

We hope that you will be joining us.

Update – Presentations

RSNE Update
Squirrelpox in D&G
SSRS-RSNE Cross Border Project
SSRS Update
UK Squirrel Accord update
Squirrelpox – what we do and dont know
Pine Martens

Posted 14th October 2019, by John Rae
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