Privacy Policy

Personal data that we store

If you decide to contact us in any way, or sign up to our mailing list then we may hold records of your name, phone number, email address and other information that you have opted to provide.

How we use your data

If you have opted in for our communication, then we may send you occasional updates from our network. We may also contact you individually if you have asked a question or expressed an interest in our network. We respect your personal data and will never send it to third parties without prior consent.

Where we store your data

How you have interacted with us will help to determine what data is stored where. If you have opted in to our email communication then your name and email address may be stored in MailChimp If you have communicated with us via email then there may be records of your communications in the corresponding members email systems.

Your rights to your data

You are entitled to request access to the data we have stored on you. You are also entitled to request corrections to your data as well as deletion. Please get in touch if you’d like to do so.


We do not knowingly or directly use analytical tracking on this website but we do use third party scripts which may set cookies. These include Google font and map services, as well as MailChimp sign-up forms. You can read about their respective policies at and


This site uses essential cookies and does not intentionally track you.   Please read our privacy policy to find out more.